#walk into the club like what up where’s our soviet boyfriend

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occupation: the family disappointment

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i love this so much

I CANNOT believe that “pupils blown wide with desire” is not on here.

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Scott and Stiles accidental phone sex would probably happen like this:

Scott and Stiles are separated for college. 
No they’re not. Every time I think about Scott and Stiles phone sex, I can’t wrap my head around the two of them being apart for so long that it’s necessary. Then I remember that this is Scott and Stiles. It doesn’t have to be that long. (whispers are we really trying to apply logic to those two? in my most convincing Lydia, loud enough for only my cat to hear.)

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Scott slides his underwear to his ankles, and kicks them off to the side of the bed. He feels like he’s on fire, doesn’t get under the covers, just lays back against the cool sheets.They’re doing this.

Propping himself up with two pillows, Scott sets his phone under his ear and listens to Stiles breathing on the other line. He loves to wait, hasn’t touched himself properly yet. Only a loose grip on his dick with his thumb and index finger. His other hand traces a circle just under his head, rubbing the bead of precum with his thumb. He brings it up to his mouth, drags it over his tongue and teeth, pulling down his lower lip. He sighs. Stiles’ breathing picks up through the phone. Each is punctuated with little high-pitched whines. 

-“Stiles.” Scott draws out his name into two syllables, “keep talking.” 

"F-fuck. You’re doing this, too?" Stiles’ voice comes out raw. 

-“Yes.” Scott bites out as his dick twitches under his palm. He knew Stiles was doing it, but now he knows it.

"I wanna know what you’re thinking" Stiles says. 

-“I’m thinking my hand feels really good. Like really, really good.”

Stiles hums and Scott continues,

-“I’m thinking this will be over soon. And I don’t want that yet,” Scott starts jacking himself slowly, “I’m thinking about you.”

Stiles’ breath catches, “What about me?” 

-“Mm. I bet your dick is really red right now,” 

"Aw, you’re thinking about my dick?" Stiles teases, and then, "Yeah. It is. s’hot too — a little wet"

Scott moans into the back of his hand, “Jesus, Stiles.” He starts going faster, twisting his wrist in and up the way he does to get off, but stops when he hears a plastic click. 

- “What are you doing?” Scott asks.

"I’m jerking off. What are you doing?"

-“I mean what are you doing with lube”

"Oh. I’m uh… just easing the way." 

-Scott listens closely, “bullshit.” 

"How the— Okay. Fine. I need a little more from my third jerk today. So sue me."

Scott has to squeeze himself and stop or he’s going to come instantly. 

-“Fuck, dude.” His face his hot and his dick is throbbing. “Tell me.”

"Right now it’s just nice to press around my hole with my fingers. With the lube it feels like.. like I dunno —

-“Like someone’s mouth?” 

"Yeah. I think so." Stiles whines through a bitten lip. "That’s part of it. I’ve done this before where I was on my stomach," Stiles swallows. Scott hears the bed creak like Stiles is rolling over. "and I rubbed against the sheets so I could free both my hands."

- “How resourceful,” Scott doesn’t hide his moan when he puts his hand back on his dick. He’s so close.

Stiles voice goes from rough and low to keening as he says, “I had one finger inside me, and two in my mouth, my dick against the bed. Wanted to feel everything at once.” 

-“It sounds like— fuck — like you could’ve used a hand” 

"Hell yeah, I could… -ve" Stiles says, voice drowned out by his pillow or maybe a finger in his mouth. That thought makes Scott bold.

-“What would you need someone to do to you?”

"I want to feel the weight of them"


"I want them hard against me,"

-“What else do you want?

His hand in my hair, pulling my head back”


"I want him to push my fingers harder into my mouth, add his own"


"Want him to breathe against my my neck; in my ear"


"Want him to urge me on" 

-“Come on, Stiles.”

" and kiss me. To hold me through it."

-“Yes. Do it, Stiles. I’ve got you” Scott is two seconds away.

" Fu-u-uck, Scotty, I’m, I’m —” Scott hears him thrashing in his bed and his breath being punched out of him, and he’s right there with him.  He’s coming at the same time as Stiles, pulsing in his hand and painting his stomach and chest as high up as the dip in his collarbone. He hears Stiles repeating “God” or “Scott.” They both sound the same.

It takes a few minutes for them to come down, during which Scott is shaking. He’s not sure if it’s the aftershocks or if it’s the thrill of what they just did. 

"When do you come home?" Stiles breaks the silence.

-“Tomorrow afternoon.”

"I’ll see you then?"

-“Yeah. You will.”

"Goodnight, Scott."

-“Night, buddy.”

They hang up. Scott checks his email and bank account before falling asleep with his arms wrapped around a spare pillow. He’s got a small smile on his lips. He can do this. 

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Hi im renqa and im terribly broke rn and crying on the floor
so hi I’m going to NYC this fall and getting things ready for the trip and because the ticket costs more than 1k and also traveling expenses on top of it, my savings account is in a horrible shape. So OPENING UP CHIBI COMMISSIONS.

- Maximum 2 characters.
- Both OCs and Fanart (only if I know) are acceptable.
- All payments will be through paypal with USD.
- If I can’t complete your commission for any acceptable reason, you will get your money back.
- Commission work starts after payment.

Things I’ll do!

  • OCs
  • Fanart
  • Shippy things
  • Gore/Guro

Things I won’t do!

  • Anthropomorphic / Furry
    (I tend to draw grotesque animals but if you want that, I will???)
  • NSFW
  • Backgrounds
  • Anything offensive to others and/or me

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me through my ask box or email me (renqa @ ! for more examples check my chibi art tag :D 

Commission slots status is over here!

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get to know me meme - 1/10 current celebrity crushes: Crystal Reed

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"I don’t wanna be Robin all the time."
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treading water by tsukinofaerii | art by me (ordinaryink)

don’t mind me and my extraordinarily late polybigbang art for pissy’s fic. WHICH IS AMAZING BTW. MOST WONDERFUL ALLISON/DEREK/STILES POLY FIC WITH A LAUNDRY LIST OF MY FAVORITE KINKS. I mean. It’s really great and wonderful and perfect tbh. *U*

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i love how “lmao” has evolved over the years from a genuine expression of mirth to the modern symbol of wet, unemphatic amusement; the mere ghost of an emotion, reflecting the journey of modern youth from innocent naievete to hardened apathy lmao

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stevebucky asked: sam or rhodey

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*swallows unlit cigarette* it’s a metaphor

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what does html stand for?

hypertext markup language

no i mean like, what does it believe in?

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i did a thing today. i used a source.

Holy shit, Betp

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